These are exciting immersion experiences, having the best of everything - vehicles, leaders, landscape, billion-star accomodation, operating with significant volunteer  inputs, AND with professional standards. 

              1. WINDICH SPRINGS DESERT JOURNEY:  July 3-11 2015 to the southern part of the Canning Stock Route, via Walga Rock and Sandstone. Cost approx $ 1330 includes all equipment, meals, fuel, vehicles, guides and fees. We depart from Perth early on July 3 and return to Perth late on July 11.  Both desert travel and long highway runs can be unpredictable so do not book flights or other engagements too close to those times. Tagalong costs (bring your own vehicle and share your seats with participants) are less than these below.   (If tagalong, you must agree to fully participate in all meals and routines of the group. )

2. UNI STUDENTS WILDERNESS RETREAT   JUL 19-24  Koora Retreat Centre via Coolgardie WA

Download the brochure and follow the registration at UWA

3. YOUNG ADULTS PILGRIMAGE  to Jordan and Israel  Nov 28-Dec 14   $6500. Click on the title to see the details.

These are WA journeys. Look on www.desertjourneys.com for any others

A Deposit of $400 each is required to secure your place. For tag along price contact us.

Send to this account   TALL TREES RESOURCE @ (COMMONWEALTH)    Acct 10507304   BSB 066 163. 

When you send it add a tag  "starting date" and "your family name" and "number of people for whom this is a deposit." For example "jul3 Robinson2"


Naomi Nash and Sue Kaldor  led a journey from JULY 10 from Alice Springs, west towards Kintore, south down the amazing Sandy Blight Road, then past Kata Tjuta and Uluru to the Alice. Contact naominash@newriver.org.au 

The following  journeysled by Ian Robinson spent eight days in the GReat Vicoptira Desert,  east of Laverton, near Lake Yeo and Lake Raison.

There was also a Pilgrimage to Jordan and Israel Sept 11-22. 

What to Bring for Desert Journeys - print early and follow it closely

Registration Details for Desert Journeys  - print and send to relevant email above.

Preparing Yourself to Come - some things to think about. Also go the home page of this site to see photoes of your area.

How much does it cost?
This is a general statement about desert journeys only. Specific costs are attached to each journey. Bank transfer details above.
Our motivation is to give you a life-changing experience, simple as that. We charge what it costs and strive to keep this as low as possible, currently half of a commercial tour.   I may be a few weeks before I do the detailed budgets and bring the actual costs to you.
For your guidance...Each journey varies in cost, heavily weighted to the cost of vehicles and equipment that are adequate for the terrain, and the distance traveled. Fuel (usually diesel) prices vary enormously as you cross the country, up to three times the city price. As a rough calculation, however, so you can see if you are in the running, calculate $120 per day, then add around $250 ish to the total for food and fuel. Don't make a final decision on the basis of that estimated amount, always contact the organiser to talk over your needs and hopes. It is amazing what we have been able to do to get people out there. Don't forget to add in what it will cost to get you to and/or from the point of departure that is listed for your journey. If it still seems a lot, remember that it is half of a commercial operator.